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  Coos Bay, Oregon
Do you find yourself swirling, sniffing
and chewing other drinks like water and coffee?
You're a hopeless wine lover just like we are!
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Most wine distributors sell the fastest moving wine.
Just look at your local market's wine shelves.  Sure they move, but do they really taste good?

Our goal is to bring you some of the best tasting wines that come with reasonable prices.
This takes a lot of searching.  That's where we come in.

How do we define "the best tasting wines"?

Everybody's palate is different.  But there are some commonalities that we've found to be of interest to all that we meet:

1) Wine is from grapes.  Grapes are fruit.  The wine should have some fruit.  But not taste jammy, as though someone blended in a grape jelly cup from a restaurant.

2) You shouldn't have to drink your wine with food.  The wine should be able to stand on it's own.  Sure, most great wines must wait until it's their time, but not all of them have to wait long.

3) The nose should start an experience that makes you close your eyes, raise your head back and put a smile of anticipation on your face, which leads to a sip that lights up every taste bud in your mouth, as you swirl the wine around and around, building to an orgasm of flavor, and a long lasting finish which slowly brings you back to reality with greedy anticipation of your next sip.

How do we define "reasonable prices"?

There are so many great wines available for under $25.  We intend to focus on that range.

We are Verne & Rhonda Herz and we are here to serve you.